What is Social Emotional Learning?

Parents, Teachers and Therapists,

Social emotional Learning is a complex concept that is being utilized in psychotherapy, but is deeply misunderstood and unsupported in the public domain.  Children and their parents are starved for ways to teach social skills and build emotional capacities. Sometimes behavioral or academic issues arise and children are  then send to see a child psychotherapist.  However, it takes years to gain access to such skills is just the help of a therapist.  How can we then access social-emotional learning centers instead?  This blog will set out to educate parents and teachers on ways to increase social and emotional learning in every area of child interaction.  As as educational therapist, who runs groups with children with the primary task to increase their social skills, and emotional well being and tolerance, I have some interesting insights and observations to report.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or posit ideas on the matter.

Thank you,

Sandy G. Ansari

Director of the Center for Educational Therapy